Best Yoga Socks 2018 | moreFit

Best Yoga Socks 2018 | moreFit

A yoga mat has its purpose — namely providing a cushion between you and a hardwood floor, and preventing you from skidding into one face-first. But when things get sweaty (or when you opt to practice without a mat), the best non-slip yoga socks can help you maintain your balance, no matter what kind of surface you're working with.

Not only do yoga socks provide some extra grip, but they also wick away sweat, keep your feet warm during floor poses, and have a hygienic aspect — they can protect your skin from exposure to fungus and bacteria in public places. And yeah, yoga socks help you hold your pose for longer, but they're also great for activities like Pilates, barre, and dance. Now that they're a well-known trend, some people even wear them around the house to keep from slipping on their floors.

Thankfully, you don't need to head into a specialized fitness store to get them, either. Amazon has some of the best yoga socks you can buy, as well as hundreds (if not thousands) of user reviews to back them up. Here are 2 of the good and cheap pairs, no matter what your activity of choice is.

1.     MoreFit Yoga Socks, Non-Slip Skid Grips Training Socks for Fitness Pilates Ballet Barre Dance
3 pairs  $14.99 Amazon   URL:

Superior non-slip grip socks.
PVC dots provide non-slip stability.
Fits women's shoe size 5-10; Men's 4-9.
Hand wash in cold, lay flat to dry, do not bleach.
Minimizes exposure to foot fungus on mats in a yoga class.

2.     MoreFit Yoga Socks, Non Slip Skid Grips Training Socks for Fitness Pilates Ballet Barre Dance

 1 pair, $9.99, Amazon  URL:


✔ Superior cotton sock helps to absorb sweat and keep feet dry.
✔ Great for various exercises which need grippers on the toes.
✔ Provide you buffer and reduce the risk of slipping on smooth surfaces.
✔ Help you better on the floor or mat security balance.
✔ It is Lightweight and great and convenient to carry while traveling.
✔ Perfect for you to practice yoga, ballet, Bikram, pilates, dance and around the house any situation.

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Best Yoga Socks 2018 | moreFit



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