What to look for an activity fitness tracker suit you? under $30

 What to look for an activity fitness tracker suit you? under $30

Fine. You didn't buy a smartwatch. You were never going to anyway. Meet the fitness tracker: a less expensive, more immediately useful tech product that might actually help get your lazy self in shape. Designed to gamify your daily exercise routines, fitness trackers make people do funny, crazy things, like going to sleep at the same minute every night or taking the long route to the bathroom, just to get in another 20 steps. But hurry! You’ve got two more weeks until all that New Year’s resolution spirit turns into another pack of peanut M&Ms.

What to Look For You could spend hours comparing every single feature in the 20+ fitness trackers on the market (and actually, we’ve done that), but for most people, just keep the following three things in mind:

1) Get Something that Looks and Feels Good
No matter how impressively a given tracker detects sleep quality or measures calories, you’ll be miserable if you buy something you don’t like to wear. Pay attention to design, and consider spending a bit more for a device that’s elegant and low-profile. Before you buy a chest strap fitness tracker, think hard about whether you want to feel like you’re wearing an Elizabeth Swann corset for 5+ hours every day.

2) Get Something that Syncs Automatically
Fitness trackers work best when they sync automatically. You want to be able to throw on your strap, clip, or bracelet, then casually check stats at your leisure, as opposed to some sort of ritualistic, 5 o’clock rite where you plug in your USB cord and wait to see how far that last piece of chocolate cake set you back. Remember: set it and forget it.
Unfortunately, syncing processes for fitness trackers vary. Procedures range from fully manual, 10-minute syncing ceremonies to 20-second manual updating to seamless, cloud-based tracking. As such, we’ve included an Ease of Syncing score (out of 5), which takes all the various factors into account. As a general rule, don’t buy anything with an Ease of Syncing score lower than 3.

3) Get Something that Works with Your Device(s)
Before you make the final purchase, double-check that your tracker of choice is compatible with your personal phone, tablet, or computer. Not every product works with every device: some work only with a specific list of mobile phones, while others are designed solely for syncing with a desktop computer.

so if you find the new design and cost-effective product, there is one to recommend.

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What to look for an activity fitness tracker suit you? under $30



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